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Why You Should Hire Piano Movers

Although it can be tempting to do the move on your own, it is not recommended. Even though you might save some money, improper planning and equipment can result in damage and health injuries. To avoid these issues, it is best to hire a professional company that specializes in piano moves. Moving a piano requires a large team of helpers and a rental truck, so it is wise to have at least four people to complete the job. If the move is complex, you may need more helpers.

The day of the move should be clear of any hazardous objects, mud, or snow, as well as other obstacles. You should also wear appropriate clothing and footwear so that you can work efficiently and safely. Make sure that you have cleaned and buffed the area well to avoid any accidents. When hiring piano movers, choose a day that is dry, ice-free, and free from obstacles such as bushes and other items.

Before selecting a moving company, you should check the background of the company. If it is a new business, be sure to ask about their background and their experience in moving pianos. It is never a good idea to do the move yourself, as it can be dangerous and result in physical and electrical injuries. A professional piano moving company will be familiar with the logistics involved in this type of move and have the equipment needed to handle it.

The price of a piano move will vary based on the size of the instrument and any obstacles that may present themselves. Typically, a concert grand will weigh up to 1,200 pounds, so it is worth investing in professional services. Many companies will provide a written estimate so you can estimate the cost before the move is completed. Moreover, you should also take into account the location and the number of stairs that you’ll have to climb. In addition to the cost of a piano move, consider its weight and the type of legs on which it sits.

A professional moving company will ensure that the piano is stored properly in climate-controlled conditions. These professionals know how to wrap the piano to protect it from damage and to prevent it from damaging the floor. Because the piano is heavy and awkward, it is not possible for one person to move it alone. A professional piano mover will be able to help you with the entire process, whether you’re moving a single piano or a large one.

A professional piano mover will use specialized equipment and professional personnel to transport the piano to the new location. During the move, the piano will be positioned on a dolly. The movers will load the dolly with the necessary materials. Then, they will carefully transport the instrument to the moving truck. The moving truck will be equipped with a ramp for the piano and specialized trolleys for other items. In addition, they will cover sharp edges in doorways and hallways to protect the piano from damage.

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